Try the new desert map Miramar now on the test servers

Try the new desert map Miramar now on the test servers, here is an extract from the pre-release patch notes on steam:

Test Schedule
[Phase 1]
  • PST: December 8th 02:00AM - December 11th 02:00AM
  • CET: December 8th 11:00AM - December 11th 11:00AM
  • KST: December 8th 07:00PM - December 11th 07:00PM
[Phase 2]
  • Test servers will stay open until PC 1.0 on live servers
    • No downtime required
Region & Modes
  • NA - SOLO & DUO & SQUAD, First-person / Third-person
  • EU - SOLO & DUO & SQUAD, First-person / Third-person
  • ASIA - SOLO & DUO & SQUAD, First-person / Third-person


  • Added a new map - Miramar. Miramar will be the only map available during phase 1
  • Miramar supports 2 weather types:
    • Clear
    • Sunrise
  • Miramar builds on and modifies the core Battle Royale experience by providing varied visuals and gameplay:
    • Vaulting & Climbing action will be even more useful when crossing the Miramar terrain
    • Players can experience highly tactical battles that will force them to utilize their cover and concealment skills
    • Choosing the vehicle type is more important than before, as off-road driving is now different from on-road driving experience


  • Added 3 new weapons. These weapons are Miramar exclusives:
    • Added R45. R45 will be spawned in world, it uses .45 ammo and 6 bullets can be loaded. Red dot sight can be attached. It has high accuracy and faster reload speed than R1895
    • Added Win94. Win94 will be spawned in world. It’s a variant of a lever action rifle that uses .45 ammo and 8 bullets can be loaded. It’s for an expert player since it doesn’t take any attachments and is mid-range effective with slow reload speed but high damage
    • Added Sawed-Off. Sawed-Off will be spawned in world. It uses 12 gauge shot and 2 shells can be loaded. No attachments available. It has short range, high dispersion, lower damage than other shotguns but can fire in rapid succession
  • Added new Ghillie suit to the care package
  • R1895 will not spawn in Miramar


  • Added 3 new vehicles:
    • Added Van. Van is a six-seat vehicle. It has low maximum speed and driving force but it has the highest HP in the game. Therefore, the Van can be useful in various tactical situations
    • Added Pickup. Pickup is a four-seat off-road vehicle and designed to be well adjusted for Miramar’s bumpy terrain. Pickup is the most all-around vehicle in the game and suitable for various playstyles
    • Added Aquarail. Aquarail is a two-seat water vehicle. The player in the passenger seat can user their weapons. It has good cornering and high mobility so you can expect Aquarail to do well in guerrilla tactics.
      Motorcycle and Buggy are also available in Miramar. They have different skins compared to their Erangel cousins.

View the full 1.0 pre-release patch notes here.